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SeasonWinnersRunners Up
1960-1961Seaton SluiceNew Hartley
1961-1962Seaton SluiceNew Hartley
1962-1963Cambois Racing ClubSeaton Sluice
1963-1964Cowpen C SaintsBlyth Corinthians
1964-1965Cowpen C SaintsNorth Blyth B R A S
1965-1966Cowpen Saints
North Blyth B R A S
(joint holders)
1966-1967Comrades ClubCowpen Saints
1967-1968Comrades ClubBlyth Celtic
1968-1969Cambois S CBlyth Corinthians


SeasonWinnersRunners Up
1987-1988Ashington ExcelsiorNewbiggin Dolphin
1988-1989Newbiggin Bankhouse S CAshington Excelsior
1989-1990Waterloo S C BlythNewbiggin Bankhouse S C
1990-1991Waterloo S C BlythNorth Shields Terminus
1991-1992Bedlington Station S CWaterloo S C Blyth
1992-1993Ashington ExcelsiorNorth Shields Terminus
1993-1994Blyth WindmillAshington R A O B
1994-1995Ashington R A O BBedlington Station S C
1995-1996Ashington R A O BWaterloo S C Blyth
1996-1997Seaton Sluice S CBedlington Station S C
1997-1998Ashington R A O BChoppington Bomar
1998-1999Ashington R A O BBedlington Station S C
1999-2000Choppington BomarAshington Searchers
2000-2001Ashington R A O BChoppington Bomar
2001-2002Ashington R A O BNorth Shields Robin Hood
2002-2003Ashington R A O BNorth Shields Collingwood Arms
2003-2004Ashington R A O BBurradon and New Fordley
2004-2005Burradon and New FordleyNorth Shields Top House
2005-2006North Shields Robin HoodSeaton Sluice S C
2006-2007Burradon and New FordleyAshington R A O B
2007-2008The Albert North ShieldsBurradon And New Fordley
2008-2009Burradon & New FordleyAshington R A O B
2009-2010Burradon & New FordleyBlyth Comrades
2010-2011Burradon & New FordleyAshington Mortimer
2011-2012Burradon & New FordleyBlyth Comrades
2012-2013Burradon & New FordleyBlyth Comrades
2013-2014Burradon & New FordleyWansbeck Pots N Slots
2014-2015Burradon & New FordleyBlyth South Beach C.C
2015-2016Burradon & New FordleyBedlington Social Club
2016-2017Ashington RAOBAmble Tavern
2017-2018Amble TavernBlyth Town Sunday
2018-2019Ashington RAOBAmble Tavern
2019-2020Competition Suspended Due To Covid 19


SeasonWinnersRunners Up
1969-1970Comrades S CBlyth Corinthians
1970-1971Cambois S CBedlington Station
1971-1972North Shields Supporters ClubDuke of Wellington
1972-1973Bedlington WelfareDuke of Wellington
1973-1974Newbiggin DolphinBedlington Station
1974-1975Newbiggin DolphinBedlington Station
1975-1976Newbiggin DolphinSeaton Valley
1976-1977Newbiggin DolphinBedlington Station S C
1977-1978Newbiggin DolphinBedlington Station S C
1978-1979Newbiggin S CBedlington Station S C
1979-1980Bedlington Station S CNewbiggin S C
1980-1981Newbiggin DolphinNewbiggin S C
1981-1982Newbiggin DolphinNewbiggin S C
1982-1983Newbiggin DolphinAshington Excelsior
1983-1984Newbiggin DolphinBoathouse Tavern
1984-1985Newbiggin DolphinBedlington Station S C
1985-1986Waterloo S C BlythNewbiggin Bankhouse
1986-1987Newbiggin DolphinAshington Excelsior
1987-1988Newbiggin Hunters LodgeLord Barrington
1988-1989North Shields TerminusSeaton Sluice S C
1989-1990Bedlington Station S CBebside Inn
1990-1991North Shields AlbertSouth Beach
1991-1992Ashington R A O BWhitley Bay Victoria
1992-1993Stakeford BankhouseBlyth Golden Eagle
1993-1994North Shields New DolphinHigh Street Blyth
1994-1995Blyth ComradesAshington New Mortimer
1995-1996Choppington BomarBlyth South Beach
1996-1997Ashington OakBlyth Royal Tavern
1997-1998Westerhope Chapel ParkMarden Border Terrier
1998-1999Choppington Travellers RestBlyth Wellesley Rangers
1999-2000HolystoneBlyth Kings Arms
2000-2001Whitley Bay KittiwakeBedlington Social Club
2001-2002Blyth Waterloo PubHolywell Village
2002-2003Whitley Bay DeeportivoNorth Shields Sportsman
2003-2004Seaton Sluice S CBlyth United Services
2004-2005Cramlington CelticBedlington Station S C
2005-2006Choppington BomarSouth Beach Blyth
2006-2007Rockcliffe Arms Whitley BayNewbiggin Sports Centre
2007-2008Blyth Masons ArmsBedlington Station S C
2008-2009Whitley Bay CibosBlyth Kitty Brewster
2009-2010Ashington MortimerTynemouth Gunner
2010-2011The Albert North ShieldsMonkseaton Hunting Lodge
2011-2012Ashington GrandCowpen Percy Arms
2012-2013North Shields Royal ArmsAshington Bubbles United
2013-2014Blyth South Beach C.CBlyth Sports & Social Club
2014-2015Blyth Last OrdersRed Lion Bedlington
2015-2016Cramlington GreenNewsham Victory
2016-2017Whitehouse AshingtonMarden Residents
2017-2018Newsham VictoryNewbiggin New Ship
2018-2019Ashington Town MortimerBlyth United Services
2019-2020Competition Suspended Due To Covid 19


SeasonWinnersRunners Up
1969-1970Blyth Sports
Bedlington Station S C
North Blyth B R S A
1970-1971Ashington R A O BAmerican Air Filters
1971-1972Ashington Excelsior S CBlyth Ajax
1972-1973Newbiggin DolphinSeaton Valley
1973-1974Stanley BridgesTynemouth R A O B
1974-1975Newbiggin S CAlexandra
1975-1976Dudley and WeetsladeNewbiggin Central
1976-1977Marden Y CUnited Services S C
1977-1978Park CelticCowpen Coronation S C
1978-1979North Shields CentralTynedale Y C
1979-1980Waterford ArmsDuke of Wellington
1980-1981Newbiggin BankhouseKings Arms
1981-1982Blyth ComradesRidley Park
1982-1983Waterloo S CNewbiggin Central
1983-1984Blyth ComradesRidley Park
1984-1985Kings HeadMonkseaton Arms
1985-1986Ashington R A O BUnited Services
1986-1987Seaton SluiceWaterloo Hotel
1987-1988North Shields TerminusBig Club
1988-1989Scotswood PineappleBedlington Station S C
1989-1990High StreetGolden Eagle
1990-1991Stakeford BankhouseNorth Shields Spring Gardens
1991-1992Ivans Bar BedlingtonNewsham Hotel
1992-1993Cowpen Percy ArmsNewbiggin New Dolphin
1993-1994Bedlington Bank TopWhitley Bay Catholic Club
1994-1995Choppington BomarBlyth Joiners Arms
1995-1996Ashington Fox CoverAshington Great Oak
1996-1997Westerhope Chapel ParkBedlington Station Railway Tavern
1997-1998Choppington Travellers RestBlyth Wellesley Rangers
1998-1999Ashington Hirst IndustrialNew Deleval and Newsham
1999-2000Monkseaton Black HorseNetherton S C
2000-2001Blyth Waterloo PubCramlington M S D
2001-2002Whitley Bay DeeportivoNorth Shields Sportsman
2002-2003Ashington New MortimerBedlington Station S C
2003-2004Cramlington CelticDelaval Arms Seaton Sluice
2004-2005Blyth Royal TavernNewbiggin Sports Centre
2005-2006Blyth Top HouseRockcliffe Arms Whitley Bay
2006-2007Blyth Masons ArmsBebside
2007-2008Blyth SeahorseWhitley Bay Venture
2008-2009The Northern S C AshingtonThe Neville North Shields
2009-2010North Shields SportsmanNew Hartley
2010-2011Ashington GrandCowpen Percy Arms
2011-2012North Shields Royal ArmsAshington Bubbles United
2012-2013New Delaval & NewshamRed Lion Earsdon


SeasonWinnersRunners Up
1998-1999Blyth and TyneBedlington Percy Arms


SeasonWinnersRunners Up
1987-1988Ashington ExcelsiorBlyth Comrades
1988-1989Newbiggin Bankhouse S CNewbiggin Dolphin
1989-1990Newbiggin Bankhouse S CBedlington Station S C
1990-1991Bedlington Station S CNorth Shields Terminus
1991-1992Waterloo S C BlythNewbiggin Bankhouse S C
1992-1993Bebside InnStakeford Bankhouse
1993-1994Waterloo S C BlythBlyth Windmill
1994-1995Waterloo S C BlythNewbiggin Bankhouse S C
1995-1996Ashington R A O BSeaton Sluice S C
1996-1997Ashington R A O BNewbiggin Bankhouse S C
1997-1998Blyth ComradesSeaton Sluice S C
1998-1999Bedlington Station S CAshington R A O B
1999-2000Choppington BomarAshington R A O B
2000-2001Whitley Bay KittiwakeHolystone
2001-2002Ashington R A O BHolystone
2002-2003North Shields Collingwood ArmsAshington R A O B
2003-2004Burradon and New FordleyBlyth Joiners Arms
2004-2005Burradon and New FordleyRed Lion Earsdon
2005-2006Seaton Sluice S CWhitley Bay Deeportivo
2006-2007North Shields Robin HoodRed Lion Earsdon
2007-2008Ashington R A O BThe Albert North Shields
2008-2009The Albert North ShieldsBurradon & New Fordley
2009-2010Burradon & New FordleyBlyth Comrades
2010-2011Burradon & New FordleyAshington Fox Cover
2011-2012Burradon & New FordleyAshington Mortimer
2012-2013Burradon & New FordleyBlyth Comrades
2013-2014Burradon & New FordleyWansbeck Pots N Slots
2014-2015Burradon & New FordleyForest Hall C.C
2015-2016Burradon & New FordleySpring Gardens North Shields
2016-2017Amble TavernAshington RAOB
2017-2018Amble TavernAshington RAOB
2018-2019Amble TavernBedlington Social Club United
2019-2020Competition Suspended Due To Covid 19
2020-2021Competition Suspended Due To Covid 19


SeasonWinnersRunners Up
1965-1966West Lea RoversWilkinsons
1966-1967Comrades ClubNorth Blyth B.R.S.A
1967-1968West Lea RoversBlyth Corinthians
1968-1969Cambois S CComrades S C
1969-1970Comrades S CRidges S C
1970-1971Cambois S CDuke of Wellington
1971-1972Duke of WellingtonBedlington Station
1972-1973Seaton ValleyNewbiggin Dolphin
1973-1974Bedlington StationNewbiggin Dolphin
1974-1975Newbiggin DolphinBedlington Station
1975-1976Newbiggin DolphinSeaton Valley
1976-1977Newbiggin DolphinBedlington Station
1977-1978Bedlington Station S CNewbiggin S C
1978-1979Newbiggin DolphinNewbiggin S C
1979-1980Newbiggin S CBedlington Station
1980-1981Newbiggin DolphinNewbiggin S C
1981-1982Newbiggin DolphinBedlington Station
1982-1983Newbiggin DolphinNewbiggin Central
1983-1984Ashington ExcelsiorNewbiggin Dolphin
1984-1985BankhouseWaterloo S C Blyth
1985-1986Waterloo S C BlythNewbiggin Dolphin
1986-1987Northumberland ArmsNewbiggin Dolphin
1987-1988Ashington ExcelsiorNewbiggin Dolphin
1988-1989Newbiggin DolphinWaterloo S C Blyth
1989-1990Waterloo S C BlythSeaton Sluice S C
1990-1991Waterloo S C BlythNewbiggin Bankhouse
1991-1992Waterloo S C BlythAshington Excelsior
1992-1993North Shields TerminusAshington Excelsior
1993-1994Blyth WindmillAshington R A O B
1994-1995Bedlington StationSeaton Sluice S C
1995-1996Waterloo S C BlythNewbiggin Bankhouse
1996-1997Blyth ComradesSeaton Sluice S C
1997-1998Choppington BomarAshington R A O B
1998-1999Ashington SearchersBlyth Comrades
1999-2000Ashington R A O BBlyth Wellesley Rangers
2000-2001Ashington SearchersAshington R A O B
2001-2002Ashington R A O BBlyth Kings Arms
2002-2003North Shields Collingwood ArmsAshington R A O B
2003-2004Burradon and New FordleyWhitley Bay Deeportivo
2004-2005Burradon and New FordleyAshington R A O B
2005-2006Seaton Sluice S CNorth Shields Robin Hood
2006-2007North Shields Robin HoodAshington R A O B
2007-2008Ashington R A O BThe Albert North Shields
2008-2009Burradon & New FordleyFC Blyth Town Sunday
2009-2010Burradon & New FordleyWhitley Bay Cibos
2010-2011Burradon & New FordleyNewbiggin
2011-2012Burradon & New FordleyNewbiggin
2012-2013Burradon & New FordleyAshington Grand
2013-2014Burradon & New FordleyHigh Street Blyth
2014-2015Burradon & New FordleyAshington Bubbles United
2015-2016Burradon & New FordleyRed Lion Earsdon
2016-2017Amble TavernBedlington Market Tavern
2017-2018Ashington RAOBBedlington Social Club United
2018-2019Bedlington Social Club UnitedNewsham Victory
2019-2020Ashington RAOB
Bedlington Social Club United
Shared Due To Covid 19
Shared Due To Covid 19
2020-2021Competition Suspended Due To Covid 19


SeasonWinnersRunners Up
1969-1970Ridges InnCowpen Saints
1970-1971Cambois S CBedlington Station S C
1971-1972Bedlington Station S CNorth Shields S C
1972-1973Bedlington WelfareSeghill S C
1973-1974Newbiggin DolphinBedlington Station S C
1974-1975Bedlington Station S CNewbiggin Dolphin
1975-1976Newbiggin DolphinSeaton Valley
1976-1977Newbiggin DolphinAshington Excelsior
1977-1978Bedlington Station S CNewbiggin Dolphin
1978-1979Newbiggin CentralNewbiggin S C
1979-1980Ashington ExcelsiorNorth Shields Central
1980-1981Newbiggin DolphinNewbiggin S C
1981-1982Newbiggin DolphinNewbiggin S C
1982-1983Ashington ExcelsiorNewbiggin Dolphin
1983-1984Newbiggin DolphinNewbiggin Central
1984-1985Newbiggin DolphinAshington Excelsior
1985-1986Ashington ExcelsiorMonkseaton Arms
1986-1987Newbiggin DolphinWaterloo S C
1987-1988Newbiggin Hunters LodgeBlyth Oddfellow Arms
1988-1989Seaton SluiceNorth Shields Terminus
1989-1990Bebside InnAshington Universal
1990-1991South BeachAshington Universal
1991-1992Blyth Golden EagleWhitley Bay Victoria
1992-1993Stakeford BankhouseBlyth Golden Eagle
1993-1994North Shields New DolphinBlyth Steamboat
1994-1995Blyth ComradesBebside Inn
1995-1996Choppington BomarBlyth South Beach
1996-1997Ashington OakNewbiggin Sports Centre
1997-1998Marden Border TerrierWesterhope Chapel Park
1998-1999Blyth Wellesley RangersChoppington Travellers Rest
1999-2000Whitley Bay Berkley TavernNorth Shields Magpie
2000-2001Whitley Bay KittiwakeBedlington Social Club
2001-2002Earsdon Red LionBlyth Waterloo Pub
2002-2003Blyth United ServicesCullercoats Piper
2003-2004Blyth United ServicesAshington New Mortimer
2004-2005Red Lion EarsdonBedlington Station S C
2005-2006Choppington BomarSouth Beach Blyth
2006-2007Rockcliffe Arms Whitley BayNewbiggin Sports Centre
2007-2008Blyth Masons ArmsWhite House Ashington
2008-2009Whitley Bay CibosAshington Mortimer
2009-2010Monkseaton Hunting LodgeAshington Mortimer
2010-2011The Albert North ShieldsAshington Grand Street
2011-2012Cowpen Percy ArmsAshington Grand
2012-2013North Shields Royal ArmsAshington Bubbles United
2013-2014Blyth Sports & Social ClubBlyth Last Orders
2014-2015Blyth Last OrdersRed Lion Bedlington
2015-2016High Street BlythNewsham Victory
2016-2017Morpeth Conservative ClubWhitehouse Ashington
2017-2018Block & Tackle AshingtonNewsham Victory
2018-2019Blyth United ServicesEllington Plough
2019-2020Station Lounge Ashington
West Allotment Social Club
Shared Due To Covid 19
Shared Due To Covid 19
2020-2021Competition Suspended Due To Covid 19


SeasonWinnersRunners Up
1975-1976Newbiggin CentralJoiners Arms
1976-1977Golden EagleMarden Y C
1977-1978North Shields CentralTynedale Y A
1978-1979Tynedale Y ABlyth Sports Club
1979-1980Waterford ArmsDuke of Wellington
1980-1981Newbiggin BankhouseGolden Eagle
1981-1982Blyth ComradesWaterloo S C
1982-1983Newbiggin CentralSteamboat Inn
1983-1984Blyth OddfellowsBlyth Comrades
1984-1985Burglars DogKings Head
1985-1986United ServicesWaterloo S C Blyth
1986-1987Seaton SluiceWaterloo S C Blyth
1987-1988North Shields TerminusTop House
1988-1989High StreetTynemouth Cumberland Arms
1989-1990Golden EagleHigh Street
1990-1991Stakeford BankhouseNorth Shields Spring Gardens
1991-1992Cowpen Kings ArmsIvans Bar Bedlington
1992-1993Newbiggin New DolphinBlyth Neimans
1993-1994Bedlington Bank TopUnited Services Blyth
1994-1995Choppington BomarNorth Shields Mash Tun Celtic
1995-1996Ashington Fox CoverHorton Three Horse Shoes
1996-1997Wallsend Coach and HorsesBlyth Big Club
1997-1998Blyth Wellesley RangersBebside Inn
1998-1999Ashington Hirst IndustrialBebside Inn
1999-2000Blyth Big ClubNorth Shields Sportsman
2000-2001Bedlington Station Town CIUBlyth Golden Eagle
2001-2002Whitley Bay DeeportivoNorth Shields Sportsman
2002-2003Monkseaton Arms AthleticBedlington Station S C
2003-2004Cramlington CelticMonkseaton Hunting Lodge
2004-2005Newbiggin Sports CentreThe Reef Hotel Blyth
2005-2006The Eagle BlythBlyth Kitty Brewster
2006-2007Blyth Masons ArmsMonkseaton Hunting Lodge
2007-2008North Shields GunnerBlyth South Beach
2008-2009The Northern S.C AshingtonNorth Shields Catholic Club
2009-2010Blyth Masons ArmsWhitley Bay Fat Ox
2010-2011Ashington GrandWhitley Bay Bedroom
2011-2012North Shields Royal ArmsNew Hartley
2012-2013Red Lion EarsdonBlyth Top House
2015-2016Newsham VictoryRed Lion Bedlington
2016-2017Ashington Station LoungeCramlington Green
2017-2018Amble TavernNewsham Victory
2018-2019Newsham VictoryCambois Club
2019-2020Ashington RAOB
Station Lounge Ashington
Shared Due To Covid 19
Shared Due To Covid 19
2020-2021Competition Suspended Due To Covid 19


SeasonWinnersRunners Up
1980-1981TynedaleSpartan Hotel
1981-1982Newbiggin CentralNewbiggin Bankhouse
1982-1983Ashington ExcelsiorBoathouse Tavern
1983-1984Bedlington Station S CWaterloo S C Blyth
1984-1985Newbiggin CentralSouth Beach
1985-1986Ashington R A O BBlyth Comrades
1986-1987Ashington ExcelsiorMonkseaton Arms
1987-1988Monkseaton ArmsWelwyn Electronics
1988-1989Monkseaton ArmsSeaton Sluice S C
1989-1990Seaton Sluice S CCowpen Coronation S C
1990-1991Seaton Sluice S CAshington Universal
1991-1992Seaton Sluice S CAshington R A O B
1992-1993North Shields TerminusBlyth Big Club
1993-1994Ashington New MortimerBlyth Comrades
1994-1995Bedlington Station S CChoppington Bomar
1995-1996Bedlington Station S CBlyth Comrades
1996-1997Ashington OakBlyth Coronation
1997-1998Ashington R A O BBlyth Sidney Arms
1998-1999Ashington Hirst IndustrialBedlington Percy Arms
1999-2000Monkseaton Black HorseBlyth Sports and Social Club
2000-2001Seaton Sluice S CBlyth Kings Arms
2001-2002Whitley Bay KittiwakeWideopen Travellers Rest
2002-2003Blyth Kitty BrewsterChoppington Bomar
2003-2004North Shields Top HouseCullercoats Piper
2004-2005Blyth Joiners ArmsAshington R A O B
2005-2006Blyth United ServicesChoppington Bomar
2006-2007Burradon and New FordleyAshington R A O B
2007-2008Burradon and New FordleyCullercoats Piper
2008-2009Ashington MortimerBlyth Big Club
2009-2010North Shields GunnerBlyth Royal Tavern 2009
2010-2011NewbigginEarsdon Red Lion
2011-2012Ashington Bubbles UnitedAshington White House
2012-2013Blyth Last OrdersAshington Portland
2013-2014Red Lion EarsdonBlyth South Beach C C
2014-2015High Street BlythAE Phoenix Central
2015-2016Ashington Northern S.CHigh Street Blyth
2016-2017Bedlington Social ClubBedlington Market Tavern
2017-2018Block & Tackle AshingtonEarsdon Red Lion
2018-2019Newsham VictoryEast Chevington Sports & Social
2019-2020Competition Suspended Due To Covid 19
2020-2021Competition Suspended Due To Covid 19


SeasonWinnersRunners Up
2007-2008Burradon & New FordleyFC Blyth Town Sunday
2008-2009Burradon & New FordleyThe Albert North Shields
2009-2010Burradon & New FordleyNewbiggin
2010-2011Burradon & New FordleyWhitley Bay Cibos
2011-2012Burradon & New FordleyBlyth Comrades
2012-2013Burradon & New FordleyWansbeck Flavour Bar
2013-2014Burradon & New FordleyAshington Bubbles United
2014-2015Burradon & New FordleyBroomhill North End Trap
2015-2016Burradon & New FordleyBedlington Social Club
2016-2017Amble TavernBedlington Social Club
2017-2018Blyth Town SundayAshington RAOB
2018-2019Amble TavernBedlington Social Club United
2019-2020Newsham Victory
West Allotment Social Club
Shared Due To Covid 19
Shared Due To Covid 19
2020-2021Competition Suspended Due To Covid 19


SeasonWinnersRunners Up
1998-1999Blyth and TyneDuke of Wellington East Howdon



1987-1988John Adams
David Matthews
Michael Richmond
Bebside Inn
Ashington R A O B
Waterloo S C Blyth
1988-1989Gary MiddletonAshington Excelsior
1989-1990John KiddieWhitley Bay Victoria
1990-1991Tommy FitzsimmonsLord Barrington
1991-1992Ian RobertsonAshington New Mortimer
1992-1993John Heslop
Darren Warham
Seaton Sluice S C
Ashington R A O B
1993-1994Michael CrossBedlington Station S C
1994-1995Ian Long
Steve Boon
Waterloo S C Blyth
Seaton Sluice S C
1995-1996Michael CrossBedlington Station S C
1996-1997Tommy WoodhouseBlyth Sidney Arms
1997-1998Lee RuddBlyth Sidney Arms
1998-1999Steven BellBlyth Comrades
1999-2000Scott CooperBedlington Station Railway Tavern
2000-2001Lee RuddBlyth Kings Arms
2001-2002Chris KellyNorth Shields Robin Hood
2002-2003Gareth McGeeBlyth Joiners Arms
2003-2004Chris RutterWest Allotment
2004-2005Gavin HattrickWhitley Bay Deeportivo
2005-2006John Arkle
Andrew Hay
Bedlington Station S C
Whitley Bay Deeportivo
2006-2007Jason LittleAshington New Mortimer
2007-2008Neil BladesFC Blyth Town Sunday
2008-2009Glen Taylor
Nigel Morris
Ashington R.A.O.B.
Monkseaton Hunting Lodge
2009-2010Terry Self
Ashley Smith
Blyth Comrades
2010-2011Daniel HislopThe Eagle Blyth
2011-2012Ashley SmythNewbiggin
2012-2013Michael ToddAshington Grand
2013-2014Sean GlendinningCramlington Phoenix
2014-2015Daniel Wardle
Michael Jordan
Blyth South Beach C.C
Forest Hall C.C
2015-2016Ross Gilchrist
Mitch Rennie
Blyth Waterloo Pub
Red Lion Earsdon
2016-2017Ben HarmisonAshington RAOB
2017-2018Michael ToddAshington Town Central
2018-2019Ross GairAmble Tavern
2019-2020Competition Suspended Due To Covid 19
2020-2021Competition Suspended Due To Covid 19


1966-1967John McAllisterBlyth Hearts
1967-1968R D BennettBlyth Sports Club
1968-1969John ArkleDuke of Wellington
1969-1970John ArkleDuke of Wellington
1970-1971Tom MonaghanDuke of Wellington
1971-1972Ian LittleBlyth Sports Club
1972-1973D BurtAmerican Air Filters
1973-1974Tom MonaghanDuke of Wellington
1974-1975P RochesterBedlington Station S C
1975-1976A BrownBlyth Comrades S C
1976-1977D NicholsonAshington Excelsior
1977-1978R GrahamNewbiggin Dolphin
1978-1979Ian Donaldson
D Nicholson
Derek Soulsby
Newbiggin S C
Ashington Excelsior
Blyth Corinthians
1979-1980George SaundersAlexandra
1980-1981John AitkinsonUnited Services
1981-1982George SaundersBedlington Station
1982-1983Gary StephensonAshington Excelsior
1983-1984M Wall
J Storey
Newbiggin Dolphin
Newbiggin Central
1984-1985Michael Wright
Bob Bowman
Ashington Excelsior
1985-1986Michael Richmond
Gary Bowman
Waterloo S C Blyth
Kings Head
1986-1987David MatthewsAshington R A O B
1987-1988Peter Lough
Cecil Burns
Railway Tavern
Hunters Lodge
1988-1989Ian RobinsonAshington Universal
1989-1990Tommy WoodhouseCowpen Coronation
1990-1991Derek JacksonSouth Beach
1991-1992Colin GrantCumberland Arms
1992-1993Terry WatsonIvans Bar Bedlington
1993-1994Simon HurnNew Deleval and Newsham
1994-1995Steve Tait
Ian Robinson
Whitley Bay Catholic Club
Ashington New Mortimer
1995-1996Steven Ridley
Joe Brown
Blyth Coronation Club
Blyth United Services
1996-1997Aidan WalkerHorton Three Horse Shoes
1997-1998Colin WhitelockHolystone
1998-1999Mark Robson
Damon Blaney
Whitley Bay Catholic Club
Choppington Travellers Rest
1999-2000Jonathan LisleBlyth Sports and Social Club
2000-2001Mark BroadyAshington New Mortimer
2001-2002Ian HerronBlyth Waterloo Pub
2002-2003Tony ThirwellBlyth Big Club
2003-2004Terry SelfBlyth United Services
2004-2005Bobby RichardsonBlyth Big Club
2005-2006John MessengerNewbiggin Sports Centre
2006-2007Ronnie ForemanBedlington Station S C
2007-2008Terry Self
Nigel Morris
Blyth Masons Arms
Monkseaton Hunting Lodge
2008-2009Martin HumbleAshington Mortimer
2009-2010Nigel MorrisMonkseaton Hunting Lodge
2010-2011Patrick AllenNew Delaval & Newsham
2011-2012Marc AllenMonkseaton Arms
2012-2013Ryan McKeeBedlington Community S C
2013-2014Karl DavisonNewbiggin Bankhouse
2014-2015Richard HallAshington Conchie
2015-2016Karl BoughenCramlington Green
2016-2017Leslie ThompsonNorth Shields Pineapple
2017-2018Karl DavisonNewbiggin New Ship
2018-2019Michael JordanCramlington Burton House
2019-2020Competition Suspended Due To Covid 19
2020-2021Competition Suspended Due To Covid 19


1969-1970Derrick MiddletonDynamoe Star
1970-1971Derrick MiddletonAshington Excelsior
1971-1972Les DellowCramlington Celtic
1972-1973Jimmy SaddlerFasson F C
1973-1974R RichardsonAshington Ellington
1974-1975Ian CraggsMagnatex
1975-1976John AtkinsonUnited Services
1976-1977Ray MannRoyal Engineers
1977-1978Dick PringleTynedale Y A
1978-1979Peter JacksonBlyth Sports Club
1979-1980Gordon ScottSteamboat Inn
1980-1981Kevin SparrowNewbiggin Bankhouse
1981-1982Jim MorrisonUnited Yeast
1982-1983Malcolm ThorntonUnited Services
1983-1984J WilkinsonOlde Hundred
1984-1985David GrahamBig Club
1985-1986Ian RobinsonStobs and Widdrington
1986-1987Paul HitchinSalutation Inn
1987-1988Mark StoreyTop House
1988-1989Brain McVayNorth Tyneside Hospital
1989-1990D WilliamsWhitley Bay Sands Club
1990-1991Ian BlackUnited Services
1991-1992Terry WatsonIvans Bar Bedlington
1992-1993Ian Cook
Mark Walker
Blyth Neimans
Railway Tavern
1993-1994Sean MurphyBlyth Royal Tavern
1994-1995Warren Dawson
Chris Reed
Choppington Bomar
Blyth C R
1995-1996Alan HoggBeach Manor Blyth
1996-1997Stephen OrdBedlington Wharton Arms
1997-1998Damon BlaneyChoppington Travellers Rest
1998-1999Jonathon LisleBlyth Sports and Social
1999-2000Stephen HanleyBlyth United Services
2000-2001Paul LaytonCramlington M.S.D.
2001-2002Ian DunnNorth Shields Sportsman
2002-2003Neil BladesDelaval Arms Seaton Sluice
2003-2004Kevin Knox
Brian Gabitas
Whitley Bay Catholic Club
Blyth Masons Arms
2004-2005Darren WrenThe Eagle Blyth
2005-2006James HymanBlyth Top House
2006-2007Lee Dennis
Paul Cram
North Shields Chirton Club
Bedlington Grapes
2007-2008Dean FitchHigh Street Blyth
2008-2009Dean Reilly
Chris Noble
Thomas Gosling
Thomas Chirnside
North Shields Catholic Club
North Shields Catholic Club
North Shields Gunner
The Neville North Shields
2009-2010Kris Allington
Dean Reilly
Thomas Gosling
Ashington Fox Cover
North Shields Catholic Club
North Shields Gunner
2010-2011Darren Phillip
Liam Issac
Kris Allington
The Newsham
Bedlington C.S.C
Ashington Fox Cover
2011-2012Stephen FraterAshington Grand Street
2012-2013Stuart GrayBlyth Percy Arms


1998-1999Ian LongBlyth Seahorse



1997-1998Mark BroadyBedlington Station S C
1998-1999David FairlessWindsor Kingston Park
1999-2000Steven ElseyBlyth Royal Tavern
2000-2001Wayne RiggAshington R.A.O.B.
2001-2002Alex Lawson
Nick Gray
Choppington Bomar
North Shields Robin Hood
2002-2003Alex LawsonChoppington Bomar
2003-2004Mark Binney
Michael Chilton
Terry Goiconchea
Andy Hay
Gavin Hattrick
Burradon and New Fordley
Burradon and New Fordley
North Shields Top House
Whitley Bay Deeportivo
Whitley Bay Deeportivo
2004-2005Michael ChiltonBurradon and New Fordley
2005-2006John AmosNorth Shields Robin Hood
2006-2007John AmosNorth Shields Robin Hood
2007-2008John AmosThe Albert North Shields
2008-2009Glen Taylor
Paul Huck
Michael Chilton
Ashington R.A.O.B
Blyth Comrades
Burradon & New Fordley
2009-2010Paul HuckBlyth Comrades
2010-2011Ian LeeBurradon & New Fordley
2011-2012Brent Aisbitt
Daniel Long
Michael Chilton
Ashington Mortimer
Blyth Comrades
Burradon & New Fordley
2012-2013Michael ChiltonBurradon & New Fordley
2013-2014Kris AllingtonAshington Bubbles
2014-2015Michael Chilton
Lee Sellar
Burradon & New Fordley
Blyth South Beach C.C
2015-2016Joe MoscropBedlington Social Club
2016-2017Josh HayAmble Tavern
2017-2018Michael ToddAshington Town Central
2018-2019Damien StevensAshington RAOB
2019-2020Competition Suspended Due To Covid 19
2020-2021Competition Suspended Due To Covid 19


1997-1998David FairlessWesterhope Chapel Park
1998-1999Barry DoddsChoppington Travellers Rest
1999-2000Neil CarrNorth Shields Magpie
2000-2001James MeldrumWhitley Bay Kittiwake
2001-2002David MuirBlyth Waterloo Pub
2002-2003John ApplebyBlyth Di Janiero
2003-2004Ross DillonBedlington Station S C
2004-2005Ronnie ForemanBedlington Station S C
2005-2006Michael FreathyChoppington Bomar
2006-2007Ronnie Foreman
Craig Thompson
Bedlington Station S C
Newbiggin Sports Centre
2007-2008Ronnie ForemanBedlington Station
2008-2009Craig Cook
Chris Woolley
Blyth Kitty Brewster
Whitley Bay Cibos
2009-2010Thomas Chirnside
Chris Appleby
The Neville North Shields
Tynemouth Gunner
2010-2011Martyn EvansNorth Shields Gunner
2011-2012Graham ToddAshington Grand
2012-2013Anthony GoldieHigh Street Blyth
2013-2014Jason HamiltonBlyth Sports & Social Club
2014-2015Martyn HeppleBlyth Last Orders
2015-2016David LillicoNewsham Victory
2016-2017Anthony GoldieHigh Street Blyth
2017-2018Anthony GoldieHigh Street Blyth
2018-2019Paul HuckBlyth United Services
2019-2020Competition Suspended Due To Covid 19
2020-2021Competition Suspended Due To Covid 19


1997-1998Tommy DitchburnNew Deleval and Newsham
1998-1999Neil CordenSeaton Deleval Hastings Arms
1999-2000Brian Curtis
Donald Wharrier
Netherton S C
Wallsend Coach and Horses
2000-2001David MuirBlyth Waterloo Pub
2001-2002Craig HullNorth Shields Sportsman
2002-2003Ronnie Forman
Ross Dillon
Bedlington Station S C
Bedlington Station S C
2003-2004John ApplebyBedlington Grapes
2004-2005Steven ElseyBlyth Royal Tavern
2005-2006Martyn EvansRockcliffe Arms Whitley Bay
2006-2007Steve MatthewsonThe Eagle Blyth
2007-2008Martin HeppleBlyth Seahorse
2008-2009Thomas ChirnsideThe Neville North Shields
2009-2010Graham ToddAshington Hyrste Castle
2010-2011Kris AllingtonAshington Fox Cover
2011-2012Kris AllingtonAshington Bubbles United
2012-2013Craig FrazerNew Delaval & Newsham


1998-1999Gary BesfordBedlington Percy Arms



1971-1972Alan HetheringtonBlyth
1972-1973G R CookBlyth
1973-1974C B PlantCramlington
1974-1975J D HarlandBlyth
1975-1976B MorganBlyth
1976-1977J M HobinBlyth
1977-1978J M HobinBlyth
1978-1979B MorganBlyth
1979-1980J M HobinBlyth
1980-1981B MorganBlyth
1981-1982D BoothNorth Shields
1982-1983C B PlantCramlington
1983-1984M J DouglasBlyth
1984-1985D HollandCramlington
1985-1986K ScoffhamNorth Shields
1986-1987K ScoffhamNorth Shields
1987-1988M McCannNorth Shields
1988-1989A L G GillBlyth
1989-1990M McCannNorth Shields
1990-1991D HollandCramlington
1991-1992D ShieldsBlyth
1992-1993K ScoffhamNorth Shields
1993-1994R W BaxterCramlington
1994-1995S Ord
J A Wingfield
1995-1996M BarnesSeaton Sluice
1996-1997G R LattyBlyth
1997-1998G LittleCullercoats
1998-1999Derek ShieldsBlyth
1999-2000Michael WilsonBlyth
2000-2001Kenny NewtonBlyth
2001-2002Rob DavisonForest Hall
2002-2003Michael WilsonBlyth
2003-2004Colin BlackettBlyth
2004-2005Tony YoungBlyth
2005-2006Rob DavisonForest Hall
2006-2007Stephen YoungWallsend
2007-2008Darran WylamChoppington
2008-2009Paul DavisonWallsend
2009-2010Stephen YoungWallsend
2010-2011Stephen YoungWallsend
2011-2012Paul DavisonWallsend
2012-2013Paul DavisonWallsend
2013-2014Paul DavisonWallsend
2014-2015Paul TaylorBedlington
2015-2016Paul TaylorBedlington
2016-2017Paul TurnerBlyth
2017-2018Paul Davison
Rachel Martin
North Shields
2018-2019Paul DavisonNorth Shields
2019-2020Competition Suspended Due To Covid 19
2020-2021Competition Suspended Due To Covid 19



2014-2015Leighton HopperNewcastle
2015-2016Evan CullingBedlington
2016-2017Matthew BartlettBedlington
2017-2018Evan CullingBedlington
2018-2019Jack WattsMorpeth
2019-2020Competition Suspended Due To Covid 19
2020-2021Competition Suspended Due To Covid 19



1977-1978Tynedale Y A
1978-1979Ashington Excelsior
1979-1980Steamboat Inn
1980-1981United Services
1981-1982Kings Arms
United Services
1982-1983Kings Celtic
1983-1984Olde Hundred
1984-1985South Beach
Kings Head
1985-1986Newbiggin Central
1986-1987Salutation Inn
1987-1988Top House
1988-1989High Street
1989-1990Whitley Bay Sands Club
1990-1991North Shields Albert
1991-1992Tynemouth Cumberland Arms
1992-1993Lintron Electronics
1993-1994North Shields Albert
1994-1995Whitley Bay Catholic Club
Ashington Excelsior
High Street Blyth
Blyth Royal Tavern
1995-1996Seaton Deleval Hastings Arms
1996-1997Westerhope Chapel Park
1997-1998New Deleval and Newsham
1998-1999New Deleval and Newsham
1999-2000Monkseaton Black Horse
2000-2001Monkseaton Arms Athletic
Whitley Bay Rockliffe Arms
2001-2002North Shields Neville
2002-2003Newcastle Jesters Shoes
2003-2004Whitley Bay Catholic Club
Bedlington Grapes
2004-2005Blyth Big Club
North Shields Robin Hood
North Shields Sportsman
2005-2006Whitley Bay Deeportivo
Ashington New Mortimer
Bedlington Grapes
Blyth Big Club
Blyth Isabella Pub
2006-2007The Oak Ashington
Red Lion Earsdon
2007-2008FC Blyth Town Sunday
Monkseaton Black Horse
2008-2009Blyth Seahorse
Blyth Pullman
Cullercoats CP Sunday
2009-2010Ashington Fox Cover
2010-2011Ashington Fox Cover
Blagdon Arms Cramlington
2011-2012AE Phoenix
2012-2013Forest Hall
FC Beacon Whitley Bay
2013-2014Stakeford Cherry Tree
2014-2015Cramlington Creen
2015-2016Ashington Town Central
Broomhill North End Trap
Burradon & New Fordley
2016-2017Guidepost Shakespeare Tavern
2017-2018Guidepost Shakespeare Tavern
2018-2019Bubbles Ashington
2019-2020Competition Suspended Due To Covid 19
2020-2021Competition Suspended Due To Covid 19


1979-1980Derrick Middleton
1980-1981Harry Kennedy
1981-1982K Reid
1982-1983Harry Gibson
1983-1984George Allen
1984-1985John Norris
1985-1986Waterloo S C Blyth F C
1986-1987(not awarded)
1987-1988George Allen and Ken Ryder
1988-1989David Bushby
1989-1990John Broadhead
1990-1991Don Crowe
1991-1992Bob Cotterill
1992-1993Brian Oram
1993-1994Keith Wilkinson
1994-1995Bill Young
1995-1996George Whyatt
1996-1997Dave Cowan
1997-1998Brian Evans
1998-1999Dave Hartill
1999-2000Alan Turnbull
2000-2001Ian Burt
2001-2002Frank Scantlebury
2002-2003Robert Wilson
2003-2004Ian Wells
2004-2005David Bushby
2005-2006Derrick Middleton
2006-2007Gary Bush
2007-2008Ashington R A O B
2008-2009Paul Turner
2009-2010Dave Hartill
2010-2011Ian Burt
2011-2012Arthur Gill
2012-2013Gary Bush
2013-2014George Whyatt
2014-2015Kenny Newton
2015-2016Paul Turner
2016-2017Colin Douglas
2017-2018Martyn Hepple
2018-2019Standard Security
2019-2020Competition Suspended Due To Covid 19
2020-2021Competition Suspended Due To Covid 19



2001-2002Shaun Johnson
2002-2003Cowpen Percy Arms
2003-2004Glen Evans
2004-2005George Whyatt
2005-2006Dave Cowan
2006-2007Rockcliffe Arms Whitley Bay
2007-2008Bill Young
2008-2009Burradon & New Fordley
2009-2010George Allen
2010-2011The Newsham
2011-2012AE Phoenix
2012-2013Barry Murphy
2013-2014Kevin Wheatley
2014-2015Red Lion Bedlington
2015-2016Colin Clay
2016-2017Guidepost Shakespeare Tavern
2017-2018Newbiggin New Ship
2018-2019Cambois Club
2019-2020Competition Suspended Due To Covid 19
2020-2021Competition Suspended Due To Covid 19


1980-1981Kings Arms
1981-1982Ashington Excelsior
1982-1983Newbiggin Dolphin
1983-1984Ashington Excelsior
1984-1985Ashington Excelsior
1985-1986Ashington Excelsior
1986-1987Waterloo S C Blyth
1987-1988Northumberland Arms
1988-1989Northumberland Arms


SeasonWinnerLeague which team played in
1972-1973Duke of WellingtonBlyth & Wansbeck
1973-1974Newbiggin DolphinBlyth & Wansbeck
1974-1975Newbiggin DolphinBlyth & Wansbeck
1975-1976Newbiggin DolphinBlyth & Wansbeck
1976-1977Newbiggin DolphinBlyth & Wansbeck
1977-1978Newbiggin DolphinBlyth & Wansbeck
1978-1979(competition suspended)
1979-1980Dudley and WeetsladeCramlington
1980-1981St. GeorgesMorpeth
1981-1982Newbiggin DolphinBlyth & Wansbeck
1982-1983Newbiggin DolphinBlyth & Wansbeck
1983-1984Ashington ExcelsiorBlyth & Wansbeck
1984-1985Newbiggin DolphinBlyth & Wansbeck
1985-1986Newbiggin DolphinBlyth & Wansbeck
1986-1987Red Row Brick ClubMorpeth
1987-1988Wallsend Labour ClubNorth Tyneside League
1988-1989New HartleyCramlington
1989-1990Ashington ExcelsiorBlyth & Wansbeck
1990-1991Waterloo SC BlythBlyth & Wansbeck
1991-1992North Shields Bill MillCramlington
1992-1993Bedlington Station S CBlyth & Wansbeck
1993-1994Dudley and WeetsladeCramlington
1994-1995Lynemouth F CMorpeth
1995-1996Dudley and WeetsladeCramlington
1996-1997New FordleyCramlington
1997-1998Bedlington Station S CBlyth & Wansbeck
1998-1999Ashington R A O BBlyth & Wansbeck
1999-2000Dudley and WeetsladeCramlington
2000-2001North Shields Catholic ClubCramlington
2001-2002North Shields FormicaCramlington
2002-2003Unika Marden MagpieCramlington
2003-2004Seaton Sluice S CBlyth & Wansbeck
2004-2005Burradon and New FordleyBlyth & Wansbeck
2005-2006Burradon and New FordleyBlyth & Wansbeck
2006-2007Burradon & New FordleyBlyth & Wansbeck
2007-2008Seaton Sluice S CCramlington
2008-2009Burradon & New FordleyBlyth & Wansbeck
2009-2010Burradon & New FordleyBlyth & Wansbeck
2010-2011Burradon & New FordleyBlyth & Wansbeck
2011-2012North Shields Billy MillCramlington
2012-2013Burradon & New FordleyBlyth & Wansbeck
2013-2014Burradon & New FordleyBlyth & Wansbeck
2014-2015Burradon & New FordleyBlyth & Wansbeck
2015-2016North Shields Billy MillCramlington
2016-2017North Shields Billy MillCramlington
2017-2018Burradon & New FordleyCramlington
2018-2019Burradon & New FordleyCramlington
2019-2020Burradon & New FordleyCramlington
2020-2021Competition Suspended Due To Covid 19
2021-2022Competition Suspended Due To Covid 19


1979-1980H GibsonBlyth Ajax
1980-1981M PurvisPhoenix
1981-1982Bob CotterillWaterloo S C Blyth
1982-1983John NorrisDuke of Wellington
1983-1984John Broadhead
G Loggie
Ridley Park
Newbiggin Central
1984-1985Derrick Middleton
T Mountford
Bob Cotterill
Brian Oram
Ashington Excelsior
Waterloo S C Blyth
Big Club


1987-1988Barry CunninghamSeaton Sluice S C
1988-1989Derrick MiddletonAshington Excelsior
1989-1990Barry CunninghamSeaton Sluice S C
1990-1991Charles WilliamsBebside Inn
1991-1992Terry Busfield
Barry Cunningham
Newbiggin Bankhouse
Seaton Sluice S C
1992-1993Terry WalkerNorth Shields Terminus
1993-1994Bill WhitworthQueens Head North Shields
1994-1995Robert SimpsonAshington Excelsior
1995-1996David MortonWhitley Bay Catholic Club
1996-1997Steven RidleyBlyth Coronation
1997-1998Steve NicholAshington Oak
1998-1999Alan TurnbullBedlington Station S C
1999-2000Rob WilsonBedlington Station Railway Tavern
2000-2001Philip BaileyNorth Shields Magpie
2001-2002John McCollHolystone
2002-2003Kevin AllenBlyth Royal Tavern
2003-2004John ShaxonWhitley Bay Deeportivo
2004-2005John ShaxonWhitley Bay Deeportivo
2005-2006John BellBlyth United Services
2006-2007Jeff SharpNorth Shields Robin Hood
2007-2008Billy TaylorNewbiggin Sports Centre
2008-2009Phillip ArnottBurradon & New Fordley
2009-2010John BellBlyth Royal Tavern 2009
2010-2011Phillip ArnottBurradon & New Fordley
2011-2012Eleanor StephensonBlyth Comrades
2012-2013Eleanor StephensonBlyth Comrades
2013-2014Barry MurphyWansbeck Pots N Slots
2014-2015Samantha Corbett
Colin Clay
Forest Hall C.C
North Shields Wooden Doll
2015-2016Martyn HeppleBlyth Waterloo Pub
2016-2017Martyn Hepple
Anthony Matthews
Blyth Town Sunday
Ashington RAOB
2017-2018Matty Rogers
Martyn Hepple
Bedlington Social Club United
Blyth Town Sunday
2018-2019Paul KatzBlyth Town Sunday
2019-2020Competition Suspended Due To Covid 19
2020-2021Competition Suspended Due To Covid 19


1984-1985Bob CotterillWaterloo S C Blyth
1985-1986George Parker
Keith Wilkinson
Newbiggin S C
Blyth Comrades
1986-1987Brian GuthrieMonkseaton Arms
1987-1988Howard LavenderBlyth Oddfellows Arms
1988-1989Barry CunninghamSeaton Sluice S C
1989-1990David CowanBig Club
1990-1991Bill FinlaysonBlyth Golden Eagle
1991-1992Ian HaggertyBlyth Golden Eagle
1992-1993Gary ApplebyStakeford Bankhouse
1993-1994Ian PlantBlyth South Beach
1994-1995Rob Dodds
Alan Turnbull
Blyth Ridley Arms
Bedlington Percy Arms
1995-1996Darren GodsmarkChoppington Bomar
1996-1997Gary Bush
Bob Marshall
Ashington Searchers
Horton Three Horse Shoes
1997-1998John GrahamWesterhope Chapel Park
1998-1999David Morton
Stan Lyons
Whitley Bay Catholic Club
Blyth Kitty Brewster
1999-2000John McCollHolystone
2000-2001David MortonWhitley Bay Rockliffe Arms
2001-2002Davey SmithBlyth United Services
2002-2003John BalmerBlyth Di Janiero
2003-2004Darryn BradleyMonkseaton Arms Athletic
2004-2005Dave CowanBlyth Big Club
2005-2006Paul TurnerBlyth Comrades S C
2006-2007Ralph McAlpine
Graham Wilkes
Newbiggin Sports Centre
New Delaval and Newsham
2007-2008John BellBlyth Kitty Brewster
2008-2009John BellBlyth Kitty Brewster
2009-2010George LeckThe Neville North Shields
2010-2011Mark Jopling
Martyn Hepple
Blyth Masons Arms
Blyth Seahorse
2011-2012Martyn HeppleBlyth Seahorse
2012-2013Colin Clay
Barry Murphy
North Shields Royal Arms
Wansbeck Flavour Bar
2013-2014Martyn HeppleBlyth Last Orders
2014-2015Martyn HeppleBlyth Last Orders
2015-2016Shihab Miah
Ronnie Hodgson
High Street Blyth
Marden Residents
2016-2017Shiham MiahHigh Street Blyth
2017-2018Barry Murphy
Shihab Miah
Block & Tackle Ashington
High Street Blyth
2018-2019Paul HorneCambois Club
2019-2020Competition Suspended Due To Covid 19
2020-2021Competition Suspended Due To Covid 19


1984-1985Harry GibsonBurglars Dog
1985-1986Tom WaitPorthole
1986-1987Alan YoungNorth Shields Spring Gardens
1987-1988David CowanBig Club
1988-1989Ian HaggertyBlyth Golden Eagle
1989-1990Brian HunterRoyal Tavern
1990-1991Steve MannNorth Shields Spring Gardens
1991-1992Michael GrearCowpen Percy Arms
1992-1993Darren CunninghamBlyth Pulman
1993-1994Terry LazenbyUnited Services Blyth
1994-1995Stan Lyons
Darren Godsmark
Blyth BJ's Nitespot
Choppington Bomar
1995-1996Alan Turnbull
Kevin Allan
Bedlington Wharton Arms
Blyth Royal Tavern
1996-1997Ian Burt
Alan Turnbull
Blyth and Tyne
Bedlington Wharton Arms
1997-1998Tony RayChoppington Travellers Rest
1998-1999Malcolm BatesNew Deleval and Newsham
1999-2000George WyattBlyth High Street
2000-2001Michael SpeedyCramlington M.S.D.
2001-2002John BalmerBlyth Di Janiero
2002-2003Darryn BradleyMonkseaton Arms Athletic
2003-2004Paul CorneyBedlington Grapes
2004-2005George Whyatt
Ian Wells
High Street Blyth
The Reef Hotel Blyth
2005-2006Ian Wells
Michael O'Hara
Blyth Top House
Rockcliffe Arms Whitley Bay
2006-2007Geoff SwordMonkseaton Hunting Lodge
2007-2008Paul KatzNew Hartley Hastings Arms
2008-2009Mark Jopling
George Whyatt
Blyth Masons Arms
High Street Blyth
2009-2010Mark JoplingBlyth Masons Arms
2010-2011Lee StephensonCowpen Percy Arms
2011-2012Paul BrockBedlington Community S.C
2012-2013Dan AthertonFC Beacon Whitley Bay


1998-1999Nicola Aldcroft
Ian Burt
Blyth and Tyne
Blyth United Services
©2000-2021 Blyth & Wansbeck Sunday League