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In memory of Our Dear Departed Sportsmen

H HaywardLeague Trainer1966
R CranstonSecretary, Cascade A F C26 May 1970
G AllenGroundsman Eleventh Avenue13 November 1970
J HopkinsLeague Secretary / Founder22 May 1971
D E FowlerReferee22 October 1971
D CrichtonPlayer, North Shields S C F C19 December 1971
A G TaitReferee25 August 1972
W TaylorPlayer, Newbiggin Dolphin F C26 August 1973
E AndersonPlayer, Black Diamond F C22 September 1974
I PurvisPlayer, Royal Engineers F CApril 1980
J LaidlerN F A Secretary4 June 1980
P CharltonPlayer, Steamboat F C16 December 1981
J ForresterLeague Trainer12 June 1983
G DavisonLeague President1 April 1987
S NorrisTrainer, Waterloo S C Blyth F C28 July 1987
J T HartN F A14 March 1988
A PlumbPlayer, Seaton Sluice F C14 October 1988
D SummersPlayer, Stakeford Bankhouse F C26 July 1989
J D MarnockReferee2 October 1992
S SeymourN F A President5 November 1992
E DentN F A President9 August 1993
P NorrisFriend of the LeagueApril 1995
S TaitReferee and Player7 January 1996
W LaverickBebside Inn23 March 1997
T HuntleyChoppington Bomar18 February 1998
A DicksonChoppington Bomar19 April 1999
C BramleyBlyth Comrades25 May 1999
G LoggieNewbiggin Central11 May 2002
J YoungBedlington Station10 September 2002
B PlantReferee4 June 2003
L HaydenRefereeSeptember 2004
T LeeCramlington S F L and N F AFebruary 2006
S WilbyNorth Shields Terminus21 October 2006
J M HobinFriend of the League5 March 2007
D RaffleEx management committee member23 June 2007
H KennedyLeague President14 January 2012
J BellBlyth Royal Tavern & Kitty Brewster19 May 2012
N SmithHigh Street Blyth16 June 2012
B RobinsonNewbiggin Dolphin13 July 2012
L ToddNFA Vice President14 March 2013
Lee RuddThe Joiners & Blyth Kitty Brewster23 October 2014
R MaughanC.E.O NFA13 April 2016
Ira Ewan TilleyPlayer Marden Residents F.C22 June 2016
Jimmy ScottLeague Friend & Sponsor5 January 2017
Tony JordanCramlington Green & Burton House9 November 2018
Robbie LivermoreNorth Shields Robin Hood17 January 2019
Bill YoungManagement Committee Life Member23 November 2020
Syd JohnsonMorpeth S.L and NFA Vice President22 November 2021
John AsiamahPlayer North Shields Queen Head6 July 2023
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