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In memory of Our Dear Departed Sportsmen

H HaywardLeague Trainer1966
R CranstonSecretary, Cascade A F C26 May 1970
G AllenGroundsman Eleventh Avenue13 November 1970
J HopkinsLeague Secretary / Founder22 May 1971
D E FowlerReferee22 October 1971
D CrichtonPlayer, North Shields S C F C19 December 1971
A G TaitReferee25 August 1972
W TaylorPlayer, Newbiggin Dolphin F C26 August 1973
E AndersonPlayer, Black Diamond F C22 September 1974
I PurvisPlayer, Royal Engineers F CApril 1980
J LaidlerN F A Secretary4 June 1980
P CharltonPlayer, Steamboat F C16 December 1981
J ForresterLeague Trainer12 June 1983
G DavisonLeague President1 April 1987
S NorrisTrainer, Waterloo S C Blyth F C28 July 1987
J T HartN F A14 March 1988
A PlumbPlayer, Seaton Sluice F C14 October 1988
D SummersPlayer, Stakeford Bankhouse F C26 July 1989
J D MarnockReferee2 October 1992
S SeymourN F A President5 November 1992
E DentN F A President9 August 1993
P NorrisFriend of the LeagueApril 1995
S TaitReferee and Player7 January 1996
W LaverickBebside Inn23 March 1997
T HuntleyChoppington Bomar18 February 1998
A DicksonChoppington Bomar19 April 1999
C BramleyBlyth Comrades25 May 1999
G LoggieNewbiggin Central11 May 2002
J YoungBedlington Station10 September 2002
B PlantReferee4 June 2003
L HaydenRefereeSeptember 2004
T LeeCramlington S F L and N F AFebruary 2006
S WilbyNorth Shields Terminus21 October 2006
J M HobinFriend of the League5 March 2007
D RaffleEx management committee member23 June 2007
H KennedyLeague President14 January 2012
J BellBlyth Royal Tavern & Kitty Brewster19 May 2012
N SmithHigh Street Blyth16 June 2012
B RobinsonNewbiggin Dolphin13 July 2012
L ToddNFA Vice President14 March 2013
Lee RuddThe Joiners & Blyth Kitty Brewster23 October 2014
R MaughanC.E.O NFA13 April 2016
Ira Ewan TilleyPlayer Marden Residents F.C22 June 2016
Jimmy ScottLeague Friend & Sponsor5 January 2017
Tony JordanCramlington Green & Burton House9 November 2018
Robbie LivermoreNorth Shields Robin Hood17 January 2019
Bill YoungManagement Committee Life Member23 November 2020
Syd JohnsonMorpeth S.L and NFA Vice President22 November 2021
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